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AM News: South Carolina Bows Out Of RTTT Round 3

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Responses To Public Information Requests Show Names Of Protesting Wisconsin Teachers HuffED:  In Wisconsin, most districts complied with the information request, but not Madison, which cited concern for protecting both teacher morale and safety... Detroit's Mass Teacher Layoffs May Prove Bellwether For Education Reform Nationwide HuffED:  Michigan’s Public Act 4 is the most extreme example, but lawmakers from New York to California are seeking ways to circumvent or eliminate public school teacher tenure, pushing for staffing decisions to be made based on merit rather than seniority... S.C. Won't Compete in Race to Top, Round 3 EdWeek:  Other states may be more willing to participate in the competition for what will likely be easy money... 9 States Get New Chance at Federal Education Aid NYT: By devoting $500 million to early learning, the administration is returning to a pledge President Obama made in his campaign... Obama aims to boost early-learning programs WP:  The federal government spends more than $7 billion on Head Start for children from low-income families, but the program covers only a small portion of eligible children... Report shows education choices expanding across US AP:  When it comes to education choices (AP) -- from kindergarten up through college - the decision is no longer simple.... Growth in Education Spending Slowed in 2009 NYT:  The change in spending, reported in census figures, is seen as a response by states to deepening fiscal woes and flatter tax revenues... New York Was No. 1 in Per Pupil Spending Last Year WNYC (via GS):  New York spent more on its public school students than any other state — an average of $18,126 — during 2009. States with the lowest spending per pupil in 2009 were Utah ($6,356), Idaho ($7,092) and Arizona ($7,813)... Schools struggle to recover amid years of cuts:  At least 21 states have proposed cutting spending on K-12 education for the 2011-2012 fiscal year. That's in addition to at least 34 states that already have made cuts since the recession began... Students get big payday for skipping school  Marketplace; The Thiel Foundation announced 24 winners of its first fellowship. Each winner gets $100,000 to sit out of college for two years... Charter school group's petition for Compton campus is approved LAT:  Celerity Educational Group's petition to open a campus was rejected by Compton's school board. But its successful appeal to L.A. County education officials means that a kindergarten through fifth-grade campus will operate in a neighborhood church.


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