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AM News: All Eyes On New Jersey

image from webmedia.newseum.org Duncan visits NJ, says minority teachers needed AP:  U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan made several stops in New Jersey on Wednesday, pushing a program aimed at recruiting more teachers to work in urban and rural areas... Newark schools superintendent search narrowed to 2 candidates, sources say:  Former Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson and a New York City schools superintendent, Cami Anderson, are the two finalists (via GothamSchools)... Alabama city to try full day of school online AP:  Teachers at Mountain Brook, Ala., schools are getting ready for the system's first e-day, which will allow students to receive instruction and ... Budget Cuts Lead Some AP Students to Enroll Online WSJ:  While only about 0.5% of AP classes are currently taken online, virtual courses are becoming available through online schools in 27 states, state programs that allow students to sign up for individual online courses in 32 states, or charter schools....More U.S. Students Learning Chinese As School Language Programs Expand Reuters:  There are at least 50 Chinese-language immersion programs at U.S. schools for children in grades 12 and below, compared to about a dozen six years ago...  Husband-wife teachers face teen sex charges Friday Orange County Register:  Both are charged with sexually assaulting the minor over a period of several months after they groomed him by plying him with alcohol and entertaining him in their Huntington Beach home... High school secretary-turned porn star, outed by student, fired by school:  A Canadian high school secretary says she was fired when a student outed her as a porn star after she refused to perform a sex act in exchange for his silence... Student fakes pregnancy as social test about stereotypes, rumors Yakima Herald Republic:  For the past 61/2 months -- the bulk of her senior year at Toppenish High School -- the 17-year-old A-student faked her own pregnancy as part of a social experiment.  


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Americans need to get up to speed with bilingual education as quickly as possible or watch many in the world pass them by in the 21st century. It is largely our citizens who are monolingual who have damaged our station in the world through ignorant voting decisions, who are currently being left in the dust in this world of limitless economic competition we have fallen into, and who are most bitter and uncomprehending about their own current situation.

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