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Video: The Return Of "What Teachers Make"

A cleaned-up version of this semi-famous Taylor Mali monologue  is making the rounds on Facebook and the timing couldn't be better -- it's awesome (in the best and fullest sense I know of that word):

I first came across Mali in early 2008 -- seems like a hundred years ago -- and posted about him (NSFW version) and thought about but never did write a profile about him I half-remembered him when I was putting together my list of alternative education heroes a couple of months ago and probably should have included him. Is it true he did TFA?  Someone at #TFA20 said he did but I think he might have graduated a couple of years before it started.


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After watching this, I am glad that I am a teacher and I think I am going to keep this blog and posting handy on those really tough days when I question why I choose to do this job. Indeed, making a difference, leaving the world a better place than when you arrived, and having an impact. I could not have said it bettr myself, truly inspirational and I am betting he was not asked to stay for dessert.

Too good!

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