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Thompson: Counting Up Recent Reform FAILs

Hubris Joanne Barkan's recent Dissent article, "How Billionaires Rule Schools," concludes that "the Big Three," Gates, Broad, and Walton, keep marketing and selling reforms that don’t work because they are blinded by the ideological faith in the superiority of the private business model." But the real problem is the "blinding hubris that comes from power. You don’t have to listen or see because you know you are right."  Since Barkan's article was published this winter, how many more studies by social scientists and/or journalists have again shown the billionaires to be oblivious to evidence against their pet "reforms?" My short list would begin with Roland Fryer on the failure of performance pay in NYC, USA Today's series on raising test scores by cheating, the prelimary report of the National Research Council on D.C. testing,  National Education Policy Center critique of the LA Times anaysis on the value-added of teachers, and Richard Rothstein's , "How Bill Gates Misrepresents Ed Facts." JT (@drjohnthompson) Image via.


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"You don’t have to listen or see because you know you are right." interesting read and nice written.

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