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People: American Teacher Loses Life In Japan

Wow, that's sad.  Her name's Taylor Anderson, and she was a 24 year old English Teacher.  She died after helping everyone evacuate her school.  Via Jezebel (Teacher Is First American Victim Of Japanese Tsunami)

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My condolences to her family for their loss. As I sit here in my comfortable living room, writing this response, I am aware that people are freezing, starving, and have no place to go. I sincerely hope that the death toll does not continue to rise due to lack of being able to get the general population in the hardest hit areas assistance. For most, 9,800 is an incomprehsible number, and if you stop to consider that this number represents a single human being, well, I just don't think we want to do that in general.
The teacher has a very kind smile, and she did her job and protectd her kids. I am so very sorry she lost her life. Thanks for the article and review.

I'm very sorry to hear this. Being a teacher myself, I just knoe it's always protect the kids first and that she did.

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