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People: Michelle Rhee's Diane Ravitch Problem

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Along with a fair amount of rehashing of old material there are lots of interesting tidbits and insights in the latest New York Magazine profile of Michelle Rhee (here) including the news that Rhee opposes the effort to strip teachers of bargaining rights in Wisconsin and that she's building an organization that she hopes will be a powerhouse force along the lines of the NRA, the Obama 2008 campaign, and the Tea Party.  What's missing from the article is both obvious and subtle:  that Rhee chose to stay silent during the Wisconsin debate rather than step forward and assert her leadership and vision, that she views attacking LIFO as an easy win rather than a problematic and unnecessary quagmire, and that her message is still problematically vague and negative (something she shares with Diane Ravitch), .  I guess it boils down to two opposing concerns:  that she's a misguided but unstoppable force whose efforts will make things worse, or that she's not quite ready for the task she's taking on and her efforts will fall short of their gargantuan scope.  My concerns come from both sides of the ledger -- I know what she's against but I want to know more about what she's for, and I want a better sense of exactly how she aims to accomplish it.  How about you? 

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I predict oblivion for Michelle Rhee. Currently she's Snooki or Paris Hilton, a celebrity (albeit within her small ed-reform universe) entirely for being a celebrity.

Naturally I disagree that Ravitch is problematically vague and negative. It's hard to find ANY similarities in Rhee's and Ravitch's messages. Rhee is openly about attacking, destroying, tearing apart, while Ravitch calls for supporting and building.

Alexander, is that really you setting the following framework for the "two opposing choices" "it" boils down to:
A) "misguided but unstoppable force"
B) "not quite ready" so "her efforts will fall short of their
gargantuan scope"

That's a cheap and shallow opinion-molding device. Rhee is neither unstoppable no gargantuan, of course. What did you think you were boiling down?

Also, I'm not opposed to telegraphic wit or quick take-downs; I really liked "Maybe she didn't eat the bee", for instance. But, if you want to talk about Diane Ravitch, you should do it up front, not with a snotty aside.

Look at Rhee running from collective bargaining attacks. Please...she would love nothing more than to have a non-unionized work force in schools. Rhee set this mess up, she needs to be asked some hard questions about what part she played in this Wisconsin mess.

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