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Thompson: No Mystery Why Teacher Quality Became Big

Egypt_protest For a former journalist, Richmire Whitmire shows a notable lack of curiosity into the origins of political conflicts.  In The Bee Eater, Whitmire writes, "To me, the actual reason why teacher quality, Rhee's core reform philosophy, suddenly became a mainstream issue the public "got" will remain a mystery.  It just did." He notes "Waiting for Superman," and the Wall Street Journal's,  Steve Brill's, Deborah Gist's, and others' attacks on unions, and then he expresses wonder that they all happened at almost the same time.  All of  those teacher-bashing efforts that he cites, however, can be linked to Michelle Rhee, The New Teacher Project, and its billionaire donors.  Whitmire writes a biography of the TNTP's founder, as well as a study of five districts honored by the Broad Foundation, but he doesn't have time or energy to ask why attacks on tenure "suddenly pop(ped) to the surface of the nation's pysche?"  - JT (@drjohnthompson) Image via.


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What was the word the left-wing press used to use all the time to describe George W. Bush?

Oh, yes. Incurious.

Follow the money.

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