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OHIO: Education's Own Small Facebook Revolution

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Over 165,000 folks have signed a petition to have the state reconsider the conviction of an Akron Ohio mother who faked her child's address to get them enrolled in a better school, according to Change.org (Pardon Kelley Williams-Bolar).  "That's 9,606 pages and approximately 40 pounds, delivered to Kasich's 30th-floor office and into the hands of Brad Reynolds, Gov. Kasich's Director of Constituent Affairs, earlier today." That's not the same as the nearly half million who signed the Facebook fan page that kicked off the ongoing protests in Egypt, but it's already showing some results. Kasich has agreed to investigate the case. 


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If you pardon this parent, then do not bother with school boundaries or the rules, or the law for that matter, let people commit fraud without repercussion. It is apparent by her conviction that she knew she was committing fraud, and while she is being charged with a felony, she is not spending a significant amount of time in jail, just enough to let other parents know that there are ramifications for cheating, which is a principle that we do try and teach our children by way of education.

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