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Events: How To Tell An Edu-Reporter From A Teacher-Blogger

image from www.edleadernews.comHere's a fun take on what happens when you mix education reporters and educators together, as EWA and CCNY did last week (The Curious Case of the Alt-Cert Custodian), noting among other things that teachers sometimes out-earn reporters, that reporters write for editors while educators write for each other, and that teachers want to be heard while reporters just want story ideas.  The author also coins the term "blogistical" and mocks me for posting several blog items but not saying much about the conference itself.   I'll take any attention I can get, as you well know, and will only note that I did contribute a couple of relevant Tweets to entertain those in the room and watching from afar.  In any case, check it out.  Via StaceySnyder.


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