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Thompson: Hess Cherry-Picks Hechinger

FutureshockThe Hechinger Report's Justin Snider captures the great truth of Rick Hess' call for transformational change -- and corrects Hess' biggest error:  cherry-picking a key quote from former New York Times reporter Fred Hechinger.  In making the case against tenure, Hess omits Hechinger's full quote on the topic, which includes "The perennial problem with a lack of tenure is that it exposes teachers to such dangers as dismissal for holding unpopular political views.” Hechinger adds that “even when actual dismissal is not involved, the tendency of unprotected teachers, insecure in their jobs, often is to knuckle under and to adjust not only their personal opinions but their teaching to the prevailing political climate.”  Given Hess' wonderful indictments of "reformers,"  he should know that in this time of faddish, abusive educational politics, it is doubly true that educators need the buffer of tenure before they can dare to innovate along the lines that Hess advocates.- JT (@drjohnthompson)


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The word "error" is awfully charitable, when "deception" would have been accurate.

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