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Events: The Coming Left/Right Protest Against "ObamaSchool"

image from blog.nj.comThe head of the Central Falls teachers' union is skipping the upcoming national conference on labor-management cooperation because she says the district is "not willing to establish real collaboration," according to the Boston Globe (Teachers union chief in RI sees little progress), and at this point I'm not sure I blame her.  It won't be long before disgruntled teachers (who want dignity and autonomy and to see some research before they accept their marching orders) partner with right wing Ron Paul types who want Obama and Duncan to back off from meddling in personnel decisions, local practices, and all the rest.  Then they'll organize a big protest on the Mall, a crazy anti-government, anti-reformy cry of anger against ObamaSchool.  Sara Palin and Diane Ravitch will keynote.    


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And the Comedy Central spoof that folows will be hosted by Alexander Russo of "Rally to keep Made Up News Alive," and Rick Hess of "I'm As Mad as Colbert" rally.

Amusing. But already happening:


Minus Ron Paul and Sarah Palin, of course, but the stuff about dignity, autonomy and actual research? All true.

from a reader:

So far, only the "liberal" side of the spectrum seems involved in planning this event, though it includes a strong "local control" message which should attract "conservatives" as well:

You may have heard by now that teachers and families from across the country will be standing together to resist the terrible attacks on our schools this July 28-31 in Washington, DC by attending and supporting the “Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action.” A major public rally and march will be held on July 30th, with workshops, speakers and educational events being held throughout the four day event. Regional and local events are being scheduled nationwide to coincide with the main event in Washington, DC.

And Duncan said there wasn't any opposition.

It's really a coincidence that you posted this particular blogpost and your comment above the very day that we launched our website for our national grassroots movement. In order to accomplish meaningful school reform, the very people who work in the trenches must be part of the conversation. We are not about the left or the right. We simply plan to bring back common sense to running our schools, and for the sake of our kids and the future of our country we are committed to real school reform. Local control of schools is not perfect, but federal control of schools painted across a wide swath has been nothing short of a disaster. And,yes,Diane Ravitch is already set to speak at our rally in D.C. in July! As of today, we are officially launched as a national organization with support from parents, educators, and students in every state. Washington, here we come. We are democracy in action!

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