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Media: WNYC Trounces NPR In Weekend Education Coverage

Meh_2615 It's not so much that yesterday's paired NPR stories were so overwhelmingly stacked with reformy Gates-funded voices -- though others might find that worrisome -- but rather that the stories seemed simplistic and superficial rather than informative and thought-provoking.  First, Larry Abramson featured a reformy lineup of Roza, Rhee, & Danner in his class size/layoffs story vs. a lonely Randi Weingarten. I'm a fan of Abramson's but a series of already-overexposed talking heads just doesn't cut it for me anymore.  Then, Claudio Sanchez featured EdSector's Elena Silva on tenure reform (here).  Silva's great but she's not exactly an expert and certainly not a neutral party; much-discussed clips of Chris Cristie don't add much value at this point, either.  Only Beth Fertig's WNYC look into a turnaround effort in Manhattan gave us texture and depth we want, showing us real people making hard decisions and doing difficult work.  Fertig took us there and showed us things going on in a school -- always a good ideas and especially so in a time when listeners are already Facebook friends with Michelle Rhee and Twitter buddies with folks at think tanks. 


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