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Duncan: How Duncan Stayed Out Of "Trigger" Debate

image from www.oneminutepresenter.comHow did Arne Duncan succeed in staying out of the line of fire on the hot button "parent trigger" issue that's engulfing California and worrying the rest of the nation?  In the past, he's weighed in on pretty much everything, from mass firings to posting teachers' value added scores to bullying to lunch schedules (joke!).  In this case, he avoided getting in the middle of the fray by emailing deadlining reporters something so vague (and slightly off-topic) that his support was mentioned but (this is key) not quoted in the LA Times and New York Times.   Danger avoided.  What was the emailed quote?  "In America, a world-class education isn’t a privilege. It’s a right. I applaud the efforts of parents and community organizations  to take charge of their children's future by working with teachers to transform underperforming schools." Smart -- by accident or intention.  


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