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AM News: Central Falls Teachers Not Showing Up For Work


Obama reads his children's book to 2nd graders Associated Press: President Barack Obama took a lower-key approach Friday, reading selections from his new children's book to a group of delighted second-graders in suburban Virginia... Troubled RI school grapples with teacher absences Boston Globe:  Records show a Rhode Island school where the entire teaching staff was fired, then rehired, has spent $44,000 since September because of teacher absences... Laws fail to keep sex offenders from working in schools, federal report finds Washington Post:  People with a record of sexual misconduct are often able to land positions in public and private schools as teachers, support staff, volunteers or contractors, slipping through a system of background checks meant to thwart them, federal investigators reported Thursday...Spell Check To Be Allowed On Oregon State Tests Huffington Post:  The move is supposed to help the assessments focus less on typos and more on their writing skills. "We are not letting a student's keyboarding skills get in the way of being able to judge their writing ability," said state Superintendent Susan Castillo. "As we're using technology to improve what we're doing with assessments as a nation, we believe that spell check will be one of those tools."


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