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Media: The AJC Tries -- And Fails -- To Finger Atlanta Superintenent

Pl_brown_elevatorpitch_fAm I the only one who's confused and unconvinced about the wrongdoings alleged in this AJC article about cheating allegations in the Atlanta Public Schools?  I can't put my finger on exactly what's wrong here -- maybe it's just that the antipathy towards Beverly Hall (whom I've never met) jumps off the page so obviously, or that there's no real smoking gun that I can make out just a lot of allegations and innuendo. Maybe I'm just not ready to contemplate the collapse of the whole testing and accountability industry this close to the lunar eclipse.  I get the sense that APS wasn't judicious about its interactions with the blue ribbon commission and outside auditors assigned to investigate -- but that doesn't seem particularly nefarious to me.  What am I missing?


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I agree. I'm not quite what it is that I want to see... but it hasn't been there in what I read...

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