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Teachers: Strike Threat Blocks Reform, Say IL Reformers

image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.comWhat's the main obstacle to reforming our schools?  In Illinois, it's the threat of a strike, apparently.  That's the gist of fast-track reform legislation that has the AFT alarmed enough to send out an email urging legislators to oppose it (and the state supe asking for a slowdown).  What's the big deal?  The legislation (PDF draft here courtesy of State School News) includes pretty much every reformy idea out there:  revamping tenure, layoff, and certification rules, plus the strike ban. The editorial page at the Chicago Tribune says "This Could Be Something Special." Labor Notes reports that several of the legislators behind the proposal just received big bucks from Stand For Children.  The legislation could get wrapped into a massive bill cutting spending and raising taxes and passed as soon as January 11.  


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