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AM News: Board President Saved By "Board Binder"

News2Schumer: Little-known tuition tax break extended:  A little-known tuition tax break that was due to expire this month has been renewed for middle-class families nationwide and will provide as much as $2,500 a year in tuition relief through 2012, Sen. Charles Schumer said Wednesday... Boston school endorse reformsThe Boston School Committee has approved plans intended to plug a projected $63 million budget deficit over the next fiscal year and improve the quality of academic programs... Obama, business leaders promise to work together on economy and relationship: Obama's tone in the closed-door session was similar to that of a meeting two weeks ago with congressional Republicans, during which the president promised to work closely with his political adversaries after Democrats were badly defeated in the November elections. Fla. School Board Shooter Ignored Pleas:  As the board was in the midst of a discussion Tuesday, Clay A. Duke walked to the front of the room, spray painted a red "V" with a circle around it on the white wall, then turned and waved a handgun. He calmly ordered everyone to "hit the road" except the men on the board sitting behind a long beige desk... L.A. teachers union won't accept pay cuts, 'value-added' evaluations:  The state's largest teachers union Wednesday fired an early salvo in contract negotiations, serving notice that it wouldn't accept pay cuts easily and that it won't consider linking teacher evaluations to student test scores in the Los Angeles Unified School District... GAO: Registered sex offenders finding jobs in schools:  Registered sex offenders are getting jobs in schools as teachers, administrators, volunteers and contractors, despite state laws that prohibit ... 


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I love the Boston plan you link to. It will "eliminate budget and performance gaps" with "calls for restructuring the contract with the Boston Teachers Union."

Thirty years after the term VooDoo economics said it all, we still embrace the same types of economic and educational plans, and school leaders present them with a straight face.

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