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Books: What's Bush Got To Say About NCLB?

image from www.borders.com I'm counting on one of you hard-working types to pick up a copy of GWB's new book, Decision Points, and find out what if anything he has to say about NCLB.  

His eventual Education Secretary, Margaret Spellings worked on the legislation her spot at the White House DPC and recently argued against the idea it should be gutted -- advocating not only for the retention of AYP but (did I hear that correctly?) also for the 2014 goals.

Check out the video here and don't forget to find me a copy of the table of contents for the Bush book and any other snippets. 


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Sorry to say I won't be buying the book (suppresses gag reflex), so I can't help you, but I will certainly check back on this blog to see if any of your other readers bought the book and shared any relevant NCLB information.

fordham's mike petrilli wrote to tell me that there isn't much about NCLB in there, alas -- at least nothing interesting or useful or reflective... just a couple of pages about the law's intentions and then it's off to the war on terrorism.

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