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Weekend Reading: Law Schools Join Career Colleges Under Fire

ScreenHunter_05 Oct. 30 13.02 Law schools manufacturing more lawyers than America needs Slate:  The demand for lawyers has fallen off a cliff...at the same time, universities seeking revenue have tacked on law schools... Prime Number NYT:  11: The percentage decline in private donations to the nation’s biggest charities last year — the steepest one-year drop in 20 years... Is the best way to fix the American classroom to improve the furniture? Slate: Are you comfortable? If so, chances are you are not an American schoolchild... Creeper! Rando! Sketchball! NYT:  Student slang points to an increased need to patrol social boundaries... Coming Out Illegal NYT:  What happens when college students without papers reveal their status in public and put themselves on the line? ... Researchers Tackle the ‘Hipster’ Phenomenon Miller-McCune:  Researchers tap the indie marketplace to learn more about hipsters, who don't think of themselves as hipsters despite their obvious hipsterness...What's the Use of Experts? Why are American conservatives climate-change skeptics, while European conservatives are not?... Pushing against daylight savings:  Daylight saving doesn't just make winter more depressing, it also wastes energy, makes us less inclined to exercise, and generates excess pollution by forcing people to use more electricity... Rutgers students drop out after roommate suicide:  The two have been charged with invasion of privacy and may face possible bias charges because of Clementi's sexuality...How the Republican Congress will abandon Tea Party ideas Slate:  How the Republican Congress will abandon Tea Party ideas and legislate toward the center... "A" In Lady Gaga:  Beginning in the spring, Gaga uber-fan and University of South Carolina professor Mathieu Deflem will offer students a course on "Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame."...


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