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Weekend Reading: Education's Angry Tea Party

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The Way We Live Now: Is Michelle Rhee’s Revolution Over? NYT Magazine: It may well be that the sort of rage that fuels the mostly white, middle-class, conservative Tea Party movement has, at least in part, a similar root: a rejection of whip-smart policy makers who believe they know best and who — it seems to those who feel slighted by them — lack the common decency to try not to show it... Teacher Trap The American Prospect:  While it would be nice to believe that an army of Jaime Escalantes, the famed Latin American educator who taught calculus to inner-city kids, or Dangerous Minds Michelle Pfeiffers, is all our education system -- and struggling schools in particular -- need, the reality is, of course, not so simple... Is Single-Sex Education the Solution? Atlantic Wire:  A test case in this debate is being floated in the U.K, where a BBC program called Gareth Malone's Extraordinary School for Boys shows a primary school teacher's efforts to "re-engage boys who don't like school and who, like many across Britain, lag behind their female peers."...Clementi's suicide: Many are to blame Salon:  Three other teenage boys escaped their pain through hanging, another hanging, and a bullet to the head. None of these acts are equivocal: These young men, at least at the depth of the moment, intended to make a final exit from the world... Waiting for "Superman" is urgent, heartbreaking, and incomplete Slate:  There is no one panacea out there for our sick educational system. This otherwise thoughtful and passionate documentary does its subject a disservice by glossing over that inconvenient truth.


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