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Video: Math Teacher Meltdown

"Teaching high school math for 17 years finally caught up with Donald Wood. Yesterday, the Tennessee teacher lost his mind during class and started throwing chairs and desks across the room. Wood was cuffed and removed from school grounds. The incident at McGavock High School was recorded by a student using a cell phone." (High School Teacher's Classroom Meltdown Caught on Video Via Gawker) 



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Wow! I have never seen anything like that.
That is truly disheartening and a painful reminder of both how difficult the teaching profession is and how merciless students can be.
It is troubling though not surprising that this teacher did not have colleagues or an administration who noticed his I assume deteriorating mental state.
With cell phones in every pocket, teachers truly now are performing live and online which is a good thing in terms of protecting students, though a tough dilemma for teachers who need to keep the attention of their students.

Do you find this funny, Mr. Russo? Would you care to leave a comment that would indicate otherwise?

I wonder how Oprah or Bill Gates would handle this classroom.

I wonder if he has exploded before, however, more and more classrooms are getting out of control. I can see this happening again, at another school, a different teacher, maybe someone you all know. The total disrespect for teachers by students is increasingly growing on a daily basis. I teach, and I can tell you, there are some classrooms in my school that are on the verge.

This is very sad. Many teachers know that students turn on them very quickly. Teaching is hard work, classroom management is hard work, exhausting work, few could do it for long in a school where students are disrespectful. His request for quiet is so heartbreaking. Everyone fails here.

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