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Thompson: "Teacher Quality" is Not Enough

Teamwork_team_work_team_ABasing "reform" on the thin reed of "teacher quality" has destructive unintended consequences, such as misuse of test scores. Even if teacher quality is the most important factor in schools as they now function, Dan Willingham says we should not assume that improving instruction should be the main or sole driver of reform.  Neither would I trust wraparound services, alone, as the key to improving schools.  Improving schools is a team effort that will require "all of the above."  We need schools with respectful, collaborative learning cultures where being a good, conscientious teacher is enough to be an effective teacher.  Schools need teamwork, not one man teams supermen overcome poverty.- JT


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I agree that a team effort is needed for education reform. Working together to identify problems and implement interventions is neccessary. Utilizing the strengths of each team member will assist with making the effort successful. Teacher quality is important; but the entire experience is also significant.

Quite agreeable. I too feel that a school should aim at overall development of the students. That can only be done probable in the line suggested by Dan Willingham. However, I could not guess by - "schools need teamwork", who are the people, except teachers he is talking about for making a "team".

Quite agreeable post! The primary aim of any school is the total development of each and every student. Schools need cooperation and team work from the faculties as well as the students.

Teachers, students, and administration need to "buy into" the topic of promoting student-centered learning. Each student has different learning needs. We need to identify their needs and support one another while working towards meeting their needs. There are so many challeges involved in education. We struggle with resouces, budgets, and faculty to meet to the needs of the students.


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