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Thompson: Parents Can Refuse (Some) Standardized Testing

Conscience Kudos to Teacher Magazine's Anthony Cody for introducing us to Shahila Changebringer, who protests "reform" by refusing permission for schools to impose standardized tests on her child.  I personally would not deter a student from taking A.P., SAT, or graduation tests.  Neither would I impose a cookie-cutter morality standard on all parents, grandparents, or teens old enough to make their own decisions.  But if this bubble-in craze violates your conscience, it is time to object.  If only the educators who believe that their district's testing regime is educational malpractice pulled their children out of the meat-grinder, that would be a great start.  If just a fifth of parents refused permission to test their children, what would that do to "reformers" value-less arithmetic models? -JT     


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Yes! I have been hoping for a movement like this from parents. I certainly plan on withholding my daughter from testing when she hits the 3rd grade.

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