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Thompson: Reformers Being Hypocritical About Teachers' Roles

Npr_talkofnation_fullNPR's Talk of the Nation host Neal Conan pulled off a concise summary of the "teacher quality" debate that's well worth listening to.  "Tenure is simply due process," Weingarten explained, "but it has acted as the evaluation system because we haven't had real evaluation systems."  The big problem is the conditions in urban schools that drive 1/2 of teachers out of the classroom within five years.  So-called "reformers," who ignore those realities, are "talking out of both sides of their mouth."  They "talk about how teachers are so important," and then ignore our judgments about teaching effectiveness and removing ineffective teachers.  Its just "inconvenient" for adult interests management to engage in the give and take of collective bargaining. - JT


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