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Teachers: KIPP Teachers Fighting To Leave Union

image from t0.gstatic.com Administrators make it hard to join a union, and unions make it hard to leave.  I guess that's what they do.  Word is that the teachers at KIPP AMP are now about to start going through a secret ballot process to see whether they are going to remain part of the UFT or not.  As you may recall, the teachers voted to organize a couple of years ago, and then some had second thoughts and eventually enough of them wanted to leave that they signed a petition (see April 2010 GothamSchools update here).  The union challenged the decertification petition -- sort of like Facebook until recently not letting you have your pictures and email lists back -- and that's forced the current procedure.  As you may recall, I broke some of the news surrounding the earlier events and was lucky enough to interview one of the key figures, a veteran teacher who was new to KIPP (A Veteran Teacher's Charter School Experience). No word yet on how the faculty at the school split on staying in vs. leaving.


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