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Ratings: Repeat Of LAUSD / LA Times Debacle In NYC

ScreenHunter_07 Apr. 28 13.08 There's blame to go around when it comes to this latest flareup over teacher ratings and public disclosure: 

Why did news outlets push to obtain data that they know is misleading and problematic when released "raw" without any contextual information (ie, classroom observations, etc)? 

Why didn't the NYC schools try harder to withhold teacher records, which should rightly be considered part of teachers' personal files? 

Why didn't the union know this was going to happen and file an injunction ahead of time to make the city follow the contract? 

New York to release teachers' ratings LA Times... City’s data release could be first time some teachers see scores GothamSchools... Teachers Union Sues to Halt Release of Teacher Evaluations WNYC


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The media don't care about truth as much as they care about shock and awe. Teacher bashing is the latest rage. The public loves it and bogus solutions for the manufactured crisis in education, like business-run charter schools and blaming teachers for test scores.

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