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Quote: What A Students' Union Would Bargain For

Quote-mark "Say there was a students' union. Might they ask that the dropout rate be lowered? Might they stay at the negotiating table until it was below 50%? We ought to ask kids whether they think the status quo is working.." -- Bill Gates in Parade 


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If there were a students' union, they would bargain for more students.

Has Bill Gates ever talked to kids? My students want things like a later start time, fewer standardized exams, more class offerings. They are devastated when their favorite teachers get fired due to budget cuts.

Even if they did demand a lower drop out rate, who should they petition? Students who drop out of high school tend to have high absenteeism going back to middle and elementary school. How can their HS teachers mitigate that? HS dropouts tend to enter HS reading below grade level, often with a long history of failing other classes. They are often academically and socially ill-prepared for HS. Even superman can't turn all of these students around.

If Bill Gates really wants to get some bang for his bucks, instead of investing in charter schools and busting teachers unions, he should hand out cash to poor and working class families, so they can feed, house and care for their kids.

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