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AM News: "Value-Added" Approach Spreads Into Higher Ed

Putting a Price on Professors WSJ:  A 265-page spreadsheet, released last month by the chancellor of the Texas A&M University system, amounted to a profit-and-loss statement for each faculty member, weighing annual salary against students taught, tuition generated, and research grants obtained... 10 students burned as portable stove explodes at Torrance high school AP:  Three of the gas-operated devices were being used in a classroom for cooking during a lunchtime fundraiser for UNICEF. Some students burned on their necks, faces and hands, and several of the injuries were considered serious... D.C. Teachers' Union election will affect survival of Rhee's initiatives Washington Post:  District public school parents have a stake in the upcoming elections for leadership of the Washington Teachers' Union, which will have a major role in implementing some of outgoing Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee's reforms... New charter, transformation schools proposed in city in 2011 Baltimore Sun:  Seven charter schools and four transformation programs are being proposed to launch in Baltimore next year, many of which would focus on single-gender education and unique curriculums... Jindal orders $107M in cuts to balance La. budget Associated Press: Gov. Bobby Jindal said higher education, health care and social services will take the largest cuts Friday when he orders reductions to rebalance the budget and close a $107 million deficit... Teacher drops lawsuit in burning crosses case AP:  An Ohio public school teacher accused of burning the mark of a cross on students' arms said Friday he dropped a lawsuit over his firing because it would have interfered with a public airing of his complaint in a different venue.


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