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Value-Added: Will NYC Media & Advocates Act Responsibly?

Lacostelogo_crop For me, value-added is more about journalistic ethics and the privacy of personnel files than anything else right now.  The question is whether NYC media will behave more responsibly than the LA Times did if they get their hands on the database, and whether advocates will be able to see that pushing VAM too hard the wrong way is simply going to make it too controversial to ever happen in any useful or broad way.  Seven news outlets requested New York City's value added data, according to this Christian Science Monitor article (New York City spat over publishing teacher rankings reaches brief truce) and one of them -- GothamSchools -- has already pledged not to report teachers' individual scores, which I applaud. Rotherham hates to sound cautious (and discloses that he's taking union money for some other work) but he knows it's the right thing to do to be cautious (here).  Secretary Duncan is a little more careful in what he says in this Washington Post article, though he still seems to equate VAM numbers with "how teachers are doing" over all.  Even TNTP's Tim Daley seems like he's a little bit on the defensive this time around (WSJ).  Does this mean everyone has learned his or her lesson here?  Probably not.


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