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Media: Huffington Post Launches Education Page

ScreenHunter_118 Oct. 04 20.33 The Huffington Post (re)launched its education page today with a flurry of new blog posts and news coverage and a note from Arianna Huffington about why she was doing it (and how to reserve tickets to Jon Stewart's Washington DC event later this month). Paramount is the lead sponsor.  Causecast is the prime mover.  It'll take a little while to see if this is going to be anything good or not but it was great finally seeing a bit of the Harriett Ball classroom demo reel (which I'd bothered various KIPP folks about for what felt like years): Harriett Ball Sings Students To Success.  Ball is the woman credited with developing many of the teaching techniques Levin and Feinberg adopted for their KIPP network of schools.



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Simple statement worth pondering: Gugg. is leading education discussion in the US. Huffington's primary research in education seems to be Gugg. movie. Paramount is funding this education website. This does not strike anyone serious about education as problematic?

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