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Funders: Key Differences For The Broad Foundation

image from hartofsuwanee.com It's easy and convenient to lump all the big name outside funders into one pile but they aren't all actually as similar as they may appear from the outside.  This is especially true when it comes to the Broad Foundation, run by gazillionaire Eli Broad in LA.  Rick Hess among others thinks it's notable that Gwinnett County GA, the Broad Prize winner for 2010, isn't full of charter schools and is in fact fighting against them.  He calls it unreformish (a nod to "unreformy").  But Broad has never been for charters as much as others - has never made it the center of its grantmaking.  Instead, Broad has focused on improving the quality and capacity of central office administrators and on strengthening school boards.  At one point SEIU president Andy Stern was on the board.  They're also involved in funding labor-management innovations (with Gates and AFT).  So it's not so much a surprise that the Broad prize would go to a more traditional district.  And -- subject of another post -- even the more openly pro-charter funders aren't funding charter expansion the way that they used to. 


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