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Magazines: Inside The Latest Issue Of "Administrator"

ScreenHunter_40 Oct. 22 14.26There's lots of good stuff in the fall issue of Scholastic's Administrator Magazine, the generous and kind sponsor of this here blog.  It's also a beautiful magazine, with a great digital reader experience that's not unlike the New Yorker's (except the images and layout are a lot more fun).  On the cover, Emily Richmond has an update on how different states are dealing with cyberbullying (as opposed to the old-fashioned kind):  Cyberbullying.  There's a brief but lively interview with Diane Ravitch here (and a great picture).  A roundup of some of the crazy fees schools are charging here. Some blathering about how Arne Duncan's loose/tight NCLB scheme doesn't really make sense (here).  Some real-world administrators weighing in on teacher tenure (here).  Plus lots and lots of tech stuff for your geeky side.  Check it out.  Tell us what you think. 


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