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Districts: Teachers Get Cosmetic Surgery While Neighbors Lose Homes, Jobs

ApplebeesfsaopauloThis is the kind of stuff that makes non-educators crazy, given how rough things are for so many other Americans:  "Buffalo teachers rang up nearly $9 million worth of taxpayer-covered cosmetic surgery in 2009, according to the state-appointed authority overseeing public school finances." (Taxpayers Paid $9M For NY Teachers' Cosmetic Work AP)  Of course, district administrators and board members signed off on the deal that provides the benefits, and it was probably made long ago before the current economic downturn, but still.  


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I would argue that this is stuff that also makes educators crazy because it makes the majority who wouldn't do something like this look like those who would.

Sadly, this story adds fodder to the, "public employees are living high on the hog" rhetoric that seems so popular right now. Now, cosmetic surgery shouldn't be covered unless medically necessary, so I'm not referring to this story when I say this; it's a shame when public employees are leered at for having good benefits and family wage jobs because in the end, they're people just trying to make it like anyone else.

If one can afford a cosmetic surgery, why not do it? People see it as superficial, but it's a personal choice, after all.

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