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Roundup: Unions Pro, Con, And In Between

Winner1_976434371Teach Tony Danza Philly Notebook:  I must admit. The first time I watched it, I cried like a baby, right along with the 59-year-old actor who is facing his mortality and wanting to travel down the “road not taken” by becoming a teacher... Many years later, NPR unloads one of its hacks Bob Somersby (via Kevin Drum):  Finland’s test scores let a bunch of know-nothing journos push a preferred press corps narrative: Our public schools are a mess! (Maybe we need to privatize! It’s all the fault of the unions!) Finland faces none of the daunting educational challenges we face, of course. But so what! All pundits on deck!... Teachers Unions and Shifting Winds Bob Bowden:  Have they finally understood the shifting winds? Have they finally gotten a clue? Or is it a publicity stunt?...  Is a paradigm shift really needed? Dan Willingham:  It’s not important to me that he fails to acknowledge his intellectual forbears. It’s important to me that he fails to acknowledge that many many people have tried to create schools inspired by these ideals before. A few were spectacular, inspiring successes. Most crashed and burned...The Real Effect of Teachers’ Union Contracts EIA:  We pay a 20.7% premium to have unions. Isn’t the onus on them to demonstrate their worth to students, parents and taxpayers?... WEEKEND QUOTABLES Mike Klonsky:  “They discussed American competitiveness and education, especially reforms such as the President’s Race to the Top initiative.”...  Remembering Paul Wellstone Ezra Klein:  Sen. Paul Wellstone died eight years ago today. He was one of the first politicians I ever met, and one the people who inspired me to go into politics.  


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