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AM News: "Residency" Programs For New Teachers Growing Up

News2 Chamber of Commerce Backing Anti-Ed. Dept. Candidates Politics K12:  My guess? I think education probably is really important to the Chamber, but, after doing a careful calculus, they decided that other things were more important, like revamping the new health care law, which they aren't fans of... In Sharp Rise, 47 City Schools May Close Over Performance NYT:  Decisions on closings will be made by mid-December, and closings will be done by phasing out a grade each year...  In Long Beach, a promise to help struggling students AP:  An innovative system of help centers aims to give students extra support in such courses as math and English to ensure that they stay in college and eventually move on to four-year programs... Michelle Rhee outspoken to the end Washington Post:  She is D.C. schools chancellor for just one more day, but that didn't stop Michelle A. Rhee from issuing one last warning Thursday, this one to ineffective teachers and the undergraduate education programs that granted them degrees. [ALSO:  Rhee shared her views on CNN.]... Standards for Teacher 'Residency' Programs Teacher Beat:  Endorsing the residency approach is one thing, but there are some hefty implications for the larger teacher ed. field, too. Will it be responsive to the idea of less emphasis on coursework, on the collection of things like value-added data and other outcomes-based measures? 


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Sounds like you are not up to speed on the modern US Chamber of Commerce. Their new push to support pols who want to end the Department of Edu is not surprising to those of us who follow the modern CC.

thanks for the comment.

the text you're referring to comes from alyson klein at edweek -- i can't speak to what she knows or doesn't but you should follow the link and comment over there if you want her to see your thoughts.

/ alexander

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