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AM News: NEA Helps GA Republican Gubernatorial Candidate

News2Union's Behind-the-Scenes Campaign in AL Governor's Race? EdWeek State EdWatch:  The newspaper  chronicles Bentley's campaign securing support from the union, which eventually "pummeled Byrne with a barrage of attack ads and automated phone calls," the story says... Ga. school district wins $1 million Broad prize AP:  Georgia's largest school system has won the nation's top prize in public education, which will provide $1 million in college scholarships for needy students in the district... Small doses of education can make a big difference for parents with sick children LA Times:  A Los Angeles-area school district is offering the training, which had previously been confined to Head Start... Delay on state regulation for teacher evaluations Baltimore Sun:  A state legislative committee has delayed the adoption of a regulation that would require student achievement to be at least 50 percent of a teacher's evaluation in Maryland... More K-12 on the Campaign Trail Politics K12:  The midterms are almost here! And education is starting to come up in some of the senatorial debates... Montgomery school system loses out on Broad Prize for Urban Education Washington Post:  Montgomery County public schools came close to winning the country's largest award for urban school systems Tuesday but lost out to a suburban Atlanta district... In a Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks NYT:  Though the world of print is receding before a tide of digital offerings, college students weaned on technology appear to be holding fast to traditional textbooks, but at a price.


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