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AM News: Anti-Bullying Effort Goes National (Letter)

News2 U.S. campaign takes on anti-gay bullying in school Washington Post Nick Anderson:  The Obama administration is launching a campaign to prevent anti-gay bullying and other harassment at school, advising educators that federal law protects students from many forms of discrimination... Minn. district clarifies anti-bullying policy Chris Williams, Associated Press:  A Minnesota school district that has been caught in an emotional debate about how it treats gay students after a teenager's suicide earlier this year tweaked several policies Monday night to clarify that the harassment or bullying of gay students won't be tolerated... Police: Conn. woman gave son weapons for school AP:  A woman in Connecticut is facing charges for allegedly sending her 12-year-old son to school with a BB gun and a folding knife so he could protect himself from bullies.... Philly teaching town hall features Danza, Duncan:  Arne Duncan has taken his national teacher recruitment campaign on the road to a town hall meeting with actor-turned-teacher Tony Danza... Homeless students on the rise throughout Washington:  In the 2008-09 school year (most recent year for which data are available), schools reported 20,780 homeless students statewide, up from 8,141 in the 2003-04 school year...  As S.F. schools struggle, board raises its budget SF Gate:  All told, the board has increased spending by 28 percent over the past four years, which includes the added cost of televising board meetings as well as increases in staff salaries and benefits, according to 600 pages of public records obtained by The Chronicle.


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The untold story on the federal "bullying" craze is one about politics, civil rights agendas, political pressures on the Obama Administration by special interest groups (especially gay rights advocates), and a social and political agenda to get civil rights bills passed under the guise of "anti-bullying" laws. The result is a skewed federal policy and funding on bullying and school climate, with a minimization on violence and other aspects of school safety. The broad interpretation of federal civil rights laws as tools for addressing local bullying issues is overreaching and likely to have an adverse, rather than helpful, impact on school safety.

See more on the political agendas and untold story of the federal politics of bullying at http://www.schoolsecurityblog.com/tag/civil-rights-and-school-safety/

It's huge --- and the national media is stuck on promoting the bullying hysteria rather than taking a rational look at the issues and the politics (and money) behind it.

The end result: Skewed federal policy and funding for school safety, which detracts from the best practices of having comprehensive and balanced approaches to school safety.

The previous Administration and Congress destroyed federal school safety policy and funding through inaction. This Administration and Congress is actively politicizing and destroying it.

Ken Trump

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