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Opinion: The Atlantic Wire's Convenient Roundups

Am I the only one who's addicted to these Atlantic Wire roundups of opinion on key issues, which include recaps and helpful links?   Here's a couple of recent examples compiled by Alex Eichler: 

Picture 41

Biden Tells Third-Graders Obama Is 'Really Cool':  During a recent visit to an after-school program in Redwood City, California, Biden repeatedly described Obama as "really cool" to a group of third-graders. "Barack Obama is really cool," Biden told the students. "No, he's not coming today, but he's really cool." According to MSNBC, Biden also called Michelle Obama "the nicest person you'll ever meet."

Lessons From the Virginia Civil-War Textbook Flap:  The book's author, Joy Masoff, says that she based the assertion on Internet research, and according to the Post, at least a few of Masoff's sources trace back to groups like Sons of Confederate Veterans, who maintain that slavery was not the principal cause of the Civil War. The vast majority of Civil War historians reject the notion that blacks were a significant presence in the Confederate army, and there doesn't seem to be any evidence for Jackson's "two black battalions" at all.
There'll probably be one later today on whether the Obama anti-bullying effort is campaign grandstanding or belated sincerity. 

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Unfortunately I live in a country so backward that simple ideas and educational as these even exist. Brazil!

Sorry my english...

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