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Teacherpocalypse 2010: Edujobs' Impact Uneven, Uncertain, Unnecessary

07teachers-art3-popupForget Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters.  The passage of the edujobs bill is already looking pretty stinky, and it just passed yesterday.  The must-pass Democratic edujobs law isn't needed in some states, or won't get there in time, or can't be used for this or that reason, or will be used next year: States not facing teacher layoffs get federal money anyway Daily Caller:  The federal government estimates that the bill will save 161,000 teaching jobs, but North Dakota, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alaska and a handful of other states have kept their educational pay rolls full despite the recession, which has drastically lowered government revenues around the country... Feds say state can use education money next year Tulsa World:  Assistant U.S. Education Secretary Carmel Martin told reporters a pre-existing law to the one signed Tuesday by President Obama gives schools the legal right to carry over the money... Click below for more links.

Texas school funding gets bounced around by political players Fort Worth Daily:  Doggett and the other Democrats inserted the Texas-specific requirements because they say the state's current budget uses somewhere around $3.8 billion in federal stimulus money for schools but takes a like amount away from school funding to spend elsewhere... Jobs uncertain for laid-off New Jersey teachers AP:  With the news that New Jersey will receive nearly $270 million in federal money to spend on saving teaching jobs, many of the state's unemployed educators are waiting to hear whether they'll be rehired... Colorado eligibility for Edujobs unclear EdNewsCO:  State officials are trying to figure out if Colorado is eligible for a slice of the new $10 billion “Edujobs” program, the State Board of Education learned today.  ALSO:  Obama Signs $26 Billion Jobs Bill NPR, Obama Signs Bill Aimed at Saving Teachers' Jobs EdWeek, House Passes $26 Billion in State Aid NYT: The House interrupted its summer recess to approve $26 billion in aid to school districts and states to prevent large-scale layoffs of teachers and public employees

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