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Quote: WashPost Blog Irks Reformy Edblogger

EdSector's Kevin Carey can't stand that the Washington Post has given voice to Valerie Strauss's Answer Sheet, which he calls:

Quotes2 "The premiere Web destination for doctrinaire anti-reformist rhetoric and shoddy education research."

Anti-reformists would note that Jay Mathews' blog and column have served reformy advocates long and well, so fair's fair.



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This is one of the problems with so-called "reformers." They do not want to allow voices that disagree with them to be heard. Of course, one reason is because so often what happens is that those they do not like point directly at research that undermines or flat-out contradicts the narrative they are trying to impose.

Valerie's space is one of the few that regularly gives voice to those who disagree with the "reformers."

I do think you should be a bit kinder to Jay Mathews. He is largely in agreement with the crowd with which Kevin Carey associates, but he has regularly given space to people of differing viewpoings - to name just a few, Jerry Bracey (for whom he wrote the Post obituary), Susan Ohanian, and your truly. In the 2004 cycle he asked me to evaluate the candidate's websites (I think in the primary season) on education. And one year he asked me for my recommendations on blogs on education I regularly follow.

So I wonder, if Valerie Strauss were to let me guest blog, would Kevin start with another rant, this time including me as a target?

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