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Media: A Sunday Talk Show -- For Education

Tumblr_l6a02mkMPu1qz5mwro1_400 A glut of blogs.  A swarm of Twitterers.  What's missing from the education mediasphere?  A Sunday talk (or radio) show featuring honest debate among smart people who don't all agree but aren't selling something or yelling and screaming at each other, either.  That was the idea behind the Month In Review, an extremely low-tech audio roundtable that I hosted on and off in 2007 and 2008 with the help of folks like Stephanie Banchero (WSJ), Diana Schemo (NYT), Jay Mathews (WPost), Greg Toppo (USA Today), and Beth Schuster (LA Times). On the last Friday of each month, we'd debate what we thought were the biggest stories, the most under- and over-reported topics, winners and losers, and predictions for the near future.  Nothing more than a recorded conference each segment was about 20 minutes long.  Here's an example, and another, and another. I can't bear to listen to them, the production values and my hosting are so bad, but the quality of the ideas and the conversation were good and so I'm bringing it back for 2010-2011 -- this time as a real-time event that you can listen to live or later on as a podcast or download.  Mark your calendars for Friday August 27 at noon eastern.


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