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Unions: TFA Debate Spreads To Chicago

ScreenHunter_10 Jul. 24 05.22 No one likes to pay much attention to Chicago -- so far away! so humid! so corrupt! -- but, following several other districts where TFA has become a flashpoint, Chicago teachers union president Karen Lewis today called for the board of education to terminate its TFA contract, which calls for 200 new corps members to be placed this fall.  So maybe that's enough to grab some attention.  Or not.  The union and district are in contract negotiations, and the district faces a large budget gap.  Citywide teaching coaches have already been fired, and the district has threatened to lay off hundreds more -- some of them according to performance rather than seniority. Click here to download Lewis' fiery union rhetoric.


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Good post by you. Thanks for sharing.

I can't say I blame them for being upset, after the city held that embarrassing TFA-only job fair last year, and made the placement process much more controversial than it needed to be.

Not sure where the "fiery union rhetoric" was in Ms Lewis's press release. Didn't realize you were anti-union. Disappointed in that slanted characterization of a clearly reasoned advocacy of the rights of career teachers and the children they serve.

thanks for the comment, ian --
i'm not anti union -- i was just having a little fun.
nothing wrong with fiery union rhetoric, anyway.
if you're a chicago guy, you should follow my blog there, district299.com
thanks again
/ alexander

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