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Television: "Classroom Intervention" Premiers This Fall

image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.com Move over, "Waiting For Superman."  The cable channel A&E has just announced a new reality show called "Classroom Intervention" that will premier in September.  A spinoff of its hit intervention show (which recent reports suggest has had real-world impact on its subjects), the new show will profile the performance of a struggling teacher in each episode.  Some of the teachers will be rookies.  Others will be veterans.  Each will be observed, then counseled in an intense evaluation and support program.  Some will improve.  Others will fail.  If it becomes popular, it could shed enormous light on the plight of classroom teachers and the challenges of helping them improve. The channel is asking teachers to send in recommendations for who could be on the show.  Self nominations are allowed. If only there was such a show for bloggers -- I'm sure I need the help.

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This could be very good, or it could be very bad. Depends on who's creating the intervention, I guess.

Teachers TV in the UK offers an example of how it could work--though in 15-minute segments....

From reading teacher-to-teacher discussions on blogs, chats, and events like the weekly Twitter #edchat, I had the impression that all teachers were motivated, future-thinking "lifelong learners" - along with most of their colleagues.

That A&E has rounded up a few teachers in need of improvement will be a difficult reality for many of the education cult leaders to deny.

Shame on you. I know you listed this under the category of made-up news, but a LOT of people aren't noticing that. They think this is true - I've received two emails just this morning from excited teachers sharing this "news" with me. A&E ought to make you take this down - or at least put a notice in your "blog" itself telling people that this isn't real.

Thanks for wasting my time this morning. If this was a way to get people to read your blog, it just backfired. I may have read this article, but I won't be reading others - I don't have time for fakers. If I want humor, I'll read a blog designed funny. When I'm on Scholastic's site, I'm looking for honest to God info about education.

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