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Reform: Canada Takes Down Whitehurst

Md_horiz It's a Zone-storm, a Canada-fest, World Of Statcraft! Check out this point by point response (Brookings Institute study response) from the Zone's Geoffrey Canada, which can be considered a takedown of Brookings or an indication that the Zone is worried (or both).  

In it, Canada calls the Brookings paper "wrong-headed" and full of statistical misinterpretations (including leaving out the second Zone school, an issue Helen Zelon mentioned in her guest commentary below). Canada also clarifies (er, admits) that the schools are a small part of the Zone, and calls for his schools to be measured on progress not just absolute achievement results."Despite starting out below the average for black students in New York City, the middle school students closed the achievement gap with white students over their first three years."  No word about the closed middle school, and the dropout rate, or the watered-down NY testing standards,

Over all, it sounds a tad defensive in places, but also like there may be some good points.  Your turn, Russ! 


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