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Books: Steve Brill's Big Book Project

160x120_0702_spynew Word is getting out that bigtime magazine journalist Steve Brilll is now writing an education book (which explains in part his belated interest in the backwaters of school reform). As you may recall, Brill has written a couple of much-noted education stories over the last year or so, including one in the New Yorker about rubber rooms and another more recently in the NYT Sunday Magazine about teachers unions.  (As is my wont, I seem to have panned both efforts, repeatedly: Best New Yorker Article Of 2009Steve Brill's Last StandBrill's Big Sloppy Wet Kiss For Reformy Types).  According to Brill, the book is "a narrative about the so-called education reform movement" and will describe how various stakeholders on the center and left have jousted and adjusted over the last couple of years.  There's no publication date or tentative book title, though Brill does have a publisher (Simon & Schuster).  Crossed fingers that the project is illuminating and thought-provoking.  


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I am pretty sure that it will be one of the bestsellers in town by then that it will be released.

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