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Video: Life Without Teacher Unions

A teacher falls asleep complaining about union dues and wakes up to discover that the union has disappeared at his school.  He has entered.... The School Zone.  Via Randy at the Ontario Secondary School Teacher’s Federation.

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And paid for with union dues!

This is preposterous. On the question of what schools might be like if not unionized, it's enough to point to any number of non-union private schools or private sector businesses that succeed in being non-horrific.

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Metamucil Elementary! I love it!
I just might use this next year in my parody and satire unit.

Wow, what a way to characterize the American worker, and teacher, as a complete oaf who can't possibly stick up for himself. Without unions, we would be just like any other business - some good, some bad, don't go to the bad one. I'm extremely offended by this video. You think with all the education I have I'm an utter moron who couldn't possibly take care of myself. Unions are like gangs, mafias, organized crime. You totally blew it on this one.

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