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Thompson: The Growing Culture Of Dishonesty

Cheat2 A-Russ, "a hard man to please," wasn't satisfied with the six investigations listed by the New York Times of the pattern of cheating that always grows during test-driven accountability regimes.  Valerie Strauss cites a seventh, where an assistant principal who was hired at the turned around Central Falls High School, misstated test growth at his old school in his resume. Rather than use the word "cheating," I would describe the growing culture of dishonesty, and here's why.  Educational politics are different than other politics because we do it in front of the students, and kids have a fine tuned B.S. meter sensitivity to dishonesty.  

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Well said. Students may not always follow our lead when we take the high road, but they will always follow our lead when we take the easy road.

Roxanna Elden
See Me After Class; Advice for Teachers by Teachers

In society, people watch was is going on and who is getting away with what. We see politicians lying, teachers lying, poice tying..leaders lying and getting away with it...where are the good examples of what happens when we do the right thing? We should all lead by example..

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