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Events: Fashion Hits & Misses At The NSVF Summit

image from media.onsugar.com There weren't any neck tattoos or lip piercings, no mohawks or Lady Gaga outfits that I saw out there at the NSVF summit in Washington deep beneath the Grand Hyatt hotel, but there were still some obvious attempts at fashion going on- not all of them  successful.  Some notables:  RI superintendent Deborah Gist rocking the silver-streaked thing I keep reading about everywhere... DFER's Joe Williams looking like a young Frank Sinatra in his dark suits and open-necked shirts... Broad's Dan Katzir *definitely* wearing guyliner (and it really makes his eyes pop)… NSVF's Julie Mikuta in the purple wrap dress... NACSA's Greg Richmond without his trademark pornstar mustache... Chicago's Hosanna Johnson in the all-red ensemble... Hechinger's Richard Colvin working to bring back the mini hoop earring... EdWeek's Michele McNeil showing off her baby belly (congrats!)... MET's Dennis Littky in his revolutionary kinte skullcap (or whatever that is)…NSVF's Peterson and Smith, both with the same short new haircut (who copied whom?)... Token hipster:  that sandy-haired guy in the skinny tie and jeans whose name nobody knew [see comments].  Anything else? Let me know what I missed.

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Your hipster is definitely Mike McGalliard, CEO/President of MLA Partner Schools in Los Angeles. http://www.mlapartnerschools.org/

I'm proud to be NSVF's token hipster. But you missed my tie clip and crisply ironed pocket square. To see a cadre of fashion forward school reformers, visit MLA Partner Schools in Los Angeles.

We decided to do some reporting. Here's Mike McGaillard talking about operating charter schools in Los Angeles.


Wait a minute - two of the three of us Rhode Islanders get mentioned? How cool is that! Go Deborah and Dennis - I need to make next year's list!

Maryellen Butke
Director, RI-CAN

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