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Media: Michelle Rhee Book In The Works

image from ndn3.newsweek.comThere's a new book about Michelle Rhee in the works, set to be written by former USA editorial writer and longtime journalist Richard Whitmire. From the agent:  "Michelle Rhee, DC’s Chancellor of Education, is arguably the most famous Korean-American in the country, and quite possibly its most influential reformer...The Bee Eater is part biography, part prescription for success, and part examination of our educational system. It will chronicle Rhee’s rise from a Midwestern Korean household to Cornell University, a meteoric career in education reform, and her controversial, widely-observed time in DC."  I think Rhee wrote the foreword to Whitmire's book about boys in schools. Jossey-Bass will publish the book, slated for 2011 publication.  The bee eating reference is explained here.


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Why do people continue to use the term "meteoric" in describing someone who is successful? A meteor falls to earth in a showering of flames and friction. This in no way describes a success. It describes an Icarus-like character more than anything.

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