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Media: Biggest Education Stories Of The NCLB Era

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 31 18.28 Here's my list of the 10 biggest, most influential stories of the NCLB era -- memorable stories that shaped public understanding of the law and education over the past eight years (for better or worse):

Testing Limits New Yorker Nicholas Lemann 2001...The Test Mess NYT Sunday Magazine James Traub 2002...Rayola Carwell Chicago Tribune Stephanie Banchero 2004...The Turnaround Specialist PBS NewsHour John Merrow et al 2005...Schools Cut Back Subjects to Push Reading and Math New York Times Sam Dillon 2006...Swamp Nurse The New Yorker Katherine Boo 2006...She Found Abuses in US Plan for Reading NYT Joseph Berger 2006...Huge Loophole In Bush's No Child Left Behind Associated Press Frank Bass, Nicole Ziegler Dizon & Ben Feller 2006...What It Takes NYT Sunday Magazine Paul Tough 2006....Test Of Their Lives Los Angeles Magazine Jesse Katz 2007.

Think I missed something or that you can do better? I have no doubt.


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